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OCHNO / Katalog

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380,-  inkl. mva
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OCHNO Switch outlet adapter - 4-ports, for USB-C Socket with RGB button
Varenr.: O-SBC-200-1
Ochno Socket with LED-button is connected to Ochno Power Conference right USB-A port, via the adapter O-SBC-200-1 that can drive up to 4 of the Ochno Socket LED. USB C to A cable, 0,2m lenght is included
Type: Elektrisk Hardware
580,-  inkl. mva
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1 280,-  inkl. mva
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OCHNO adapter from HDMI to USB-C
Varenr.: O-HDMI-TO-USBC-1
Type: Adapter  -  Kontakt 1: HDMI Type A (Standard)  -  Kontakt 2: USB C  -  Farge: Grå
1 471,-
1 838,75  inkl. mva
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OCHNO adapter from HDMI + USB-A to USB-C 0,2m
Varenr.: O-HDMI-TO-USBC-2
Legacy devices that lack USB-C connection can upgrade themselves using the Ochno HDMI Adapter. Using the adapter the legacy products can connect to docking stations and monitors. Connects to Ochno Power Conference, Ochno Power Desktop and third party products using the alternate-mode DisplayPort for video technology. The adapter is available both with and without USB-A connection to connect keyboard, mouse or USB based videoconferencing devices. It can be installed as a "hat" directly on the USB-C cable. In the case you prefer to offer separate HDMI and USB-A cables on the table, the adapter is directly connected to the Ochno Power Conference unit located under the table.
Type: Video-konverterer  -  Kontakt 1: HDMI Type A (Standard)  -  Kontakt 2: USB C  -  Farge: Grå  -  Lengde: 0.2m
1 566,-
1 957,50  inkl. mva
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OCHNO O-PC-3 - Power Conference main unit, 4x USB-C with HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 pass-through
Varenr.: O-PC-3
hno Power Conference is the platform for a user friendly and smart meeting room. 4 USB-C outlets provides everyone in the room quick access to charging, a simple push of a button, attach the laptop or mobile to the TV and all video conferencing equipment in the room. The solution minimizes the hassle of getting the video meeting started and making it easy to change who runs the meeting. Everything nicely built into a conference table with a minimum of cables. Ochno Power Conference can also be connected to the Ochno Operated service. A range of functions that optimize and simplify the office workplace in various ways. Monitoring and control of all connected devices ensures that errors are quickly detected and can be solved. Advanced energy analysis and control enables lower power consumption in the office. Automatically update firmware of Ochno Power Conference and connected devices. Ochno Power Conference has 4 USB-C sockets, each of which provides: 100W charging of computer
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Viser 1-27 av 27 produkter