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NEWSTAR notebook stand - 10-22"

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NEWSTAR notebook stand - 10-22" (NS-LS100)

NEWSTAR notebook stand - 10-22"

  • Type Ipad Stativ
682,50 inkl. mva
Forventet på lager 25.12.2017

NewStar Ipad / notebook stand

The NS-LS100 is a Ipad and universal notebook stand. It offers six different tilt positions for maximum viewing comfort. Easy to fold flat, light weight and portable. Ideal for your Ipad or notebook.

Width adjustable to accommodate most size laptop computers and all Ipads. The unique hollowed-out design avoids over-heating problems for maximum Ipad / notebook speed.
The Ipad / notebook stand is supplied with a neoprene cover ideal to use as a mouse pad.
This model, NS-LS100, is your ideal tool for traveling. Compact, light and easy to carry.